PiGallery - PHP Gallery Script

- Oktober 28, 2018



For any photographer, artist or personality, having a gallery on his website is a plus! PiGallery is a gallery that gives the space to your creations with a simple and intuitive design, more nerdy or heavy designs, opt for modern! You do not want to spend nights configuring websites that are too complex for what you need? With PiGallery you just have to move your images and it's functional.


  • Mobile friendly
  • clear design
  • easy to install
  • social networks link
  • no max size file


  • A PHP5 ready webserver (libxml is necessary)
  • access to the FTP server


  • Drop the content of the PiGallery folder in your FTP server
  • add the images in the files folder
  • open the data.xml file with any notepad app (more on that in the README.txt file)



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